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AL2Chem provides users of specialty chemicals looking for more convenient, less expensive products with quality offsets and custom solutions for their needs.

Products and suppliers are chosen where our network of salespeople throughout North America and our technical experts have strong experience and knowledge, so we can support you commercially and with technical knowledge and formulation help.

Our tremendous expertise and experience in specialty chemicals enable AL2Chem to provide solutions to your problems.


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We offer a full line of high-quality silanes from respected manufacturers and stock them in the US. Click below to see a full list that is available and application assistance. Our organosilanes have successfully replaced many existing and new formulations due to their high purity, consistent quality, and economical pricing.

Ethyl Silicates

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Fumed Silica

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AL2Chem has recently added a line of fumed silica, hydrophilic and hydrophobic, that match our experience in the industries where we concentrate our activities. Their unique properties are utilized in a variety of industrial applications.

Precipitated Silica

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AL2Chem now offers a full line of precipitated silica for such industries as rubber, paints & coatings, plastics, food/feed, defoamer, and many other areas.

Flatting Agents

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We offer a complete line of wax treated and untreated flatting/matting agents for all applications.

Other Products

AL2Chem will be introducing several new product lines that complement our existing products. We have added specialty silicone fluid product lines in association with ACCESS TECHNOLOGIES: www.ACCESSTechnologiesllc.com

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