Services We Have To Offer

Marketing Services

Our experts can assist in your new product introduction, provide marketing research, technical and sales management, marketing tools and literature, and industry contacts and application advice.

Product Expertise

  • Fumed silica
  • Precipitated Silica
  • Silica Gels and Matting Agents
  • Alumina and other Oxides
  • Specialty Nanomaterials
    • Nanocrystalline Perovskites
    • Carbon Nanotubes
    • Nano Titanium Dioxide
    • Yttria Stabilized Zirconia
  • Catalysts and Supports
  • Specialty Ceramics
  • Silicones
  • TEOS & Ethyl Silicates
  • Functional Silanes
    • Chloro, Monomeric
    • Waterborne, Oligomeric
  • Carbon Black
  • Titanates
  • Dispersions
    • Organic and Aqueous
  • Clays

Application Experience

  • Specialty additives for:
    • Rheology control and reinforcement
    • Improved mechanical properties
    • UV resistance and thermal stability
    • Conductivity and electrostatic dissipation
    • Resistance to syneresis and sag
    • Improved flowability and anti-caking
    • Enhanced surface properties and adhesion
  • Materials for fiber optic applications
  • Dispersions for semiconductor planarization
  • Toner and ink jet tribology
  • Pharmaceutical synthesis and excipients
  • Pollution control via catalysis
  • Chemical and petrochemical process catalysis
  • Synthesis of catalyst supports and advanced ceramics
  • Catalysts and nanomaterials for fuel cell manufacture
  • Production, purification, classification, treatment, and incorporation of nanomaterials
  • Food and beverage processing aids
  • Products for cosmetic sun screens
  • Coatings for improved ink jet printing
  • Pigments for plastics, inks, and coatings
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